Our college is situated in an ideally sites of green landscape on the bank of the river Aung. It owes its genesis to the combine effort of the people of this area under glowing leadership of Shree Suryabahanu Mishra and Shree Shachidananda Bhoi and also magnanimous contribution of Roth Gountia Shree Bipra Prasad Patel. The patronage of the district administration under the then collector Shree S.Kumar, IAS, is ever memorable for inception of this college.

This institution was founded on 18th August 1983 by Hon’ble minister of the state for irrigation and Power, Shree Niranjan Pattanaik and it commenced with intermediate classes in Arts and commerce to cater to the Higher Education needs of the underprivileged rural people. In the year 1983-84 got its affiliation from Sambalpur University with intermediate stage in Arts.

With the changing scenario of education system in Odisha , the intermediate classes were converted to +2 classes and thus our college got affiliation of the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Odisha with its +2 classes in Arts and Commerce from the academic session 1986-87 and +2 classes in Science from the academic session 1991-92.

Then the college expanded its dimension when in the academic session 1989-90, the three year degree course in (+3)Arts was introduced in it with affiliation to the Sambalpur University. Further degree course in (+3) science which was introduced in the session 1996-97 with concurrence of the Government, added new dimension to the flourishing institution.

Then the college glorious academic session 1997-98 which ushered in added lustre for the college with introduction of honours courses in (+3)Degree Oriya, History, Political Science and Education.

Further the college got expanded in its intake capacity from the academic session 2014-15 in both +2 and +3 Arts Stream with opening of honours in all the subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology) in (+3) science stream, keeping in view the changing higher education needs of the people of the locality.

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ONLINE CLASSES - -‘‘Online Classes’’ are going on, for this students are directed to contact their respective teachers STAY AT HOME STAY SAFE - Stay At Home Stay Safe HEALTH TIPS TO PREVENT CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19) INFECTION - Wash your hands frequently, Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, Practice respiratory hygiene, maintain social distancing between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing. Be safe, Be Smart, Be careful, Be Alert, Be Kind, Be informed, Be Prepared and Be ready to fight COVID-19 STATUTORY DECLARATION UNDER SECTION 4(1) (B) OF THE RTI ACT, 2005 - Statutory Declaration under Section 4(1) (b) of the RTI Act, 2005 BLOOD DONATION AWARENESS PROGRAMME - Blood Donation Awareness Programme 10 August 2019 SWACHHA BHARAT ABHIYAN - स्वच्छता का रखिए धयान, स्वच्छता से देश बनेगा महान, स्वच्छता है देश का महा अभियान, स्वछता मे दीजिए अपना योगदान, विकसित राष्ट्र की हो कल्पना, स्वच्छता को होगा अपनाना, आसपास स्वच्छता रहेगी, कई प्रकार की बीमारियाँ घटेंगीं. SWACHHA BHARAT ABHIYAN - “come! And Pledge to keep India clean.,“, Ek kadam swachhata ki ore.”, “clean India beautiful India.”,